Sunday, March 1, 2015

A little update

I have to keep reminding myself I do this for me and it doesn't matter if I blog all the time or stop for months at a time. I am not sure there is even anyone out there reading this. Here is an update anyway.

My life has been a chaotic mess lately but I am still reading when I can. I am also trying to get my daughter into reading more. She loves reading but I am pushing her to try books a bit harder cause she reads so well. I will also be having her tested for the gifted and talented class in her school for next year. So with all that I am going to be trying to do a few new things on this blog.

I am going to try to participate in weekly meme's but am not going to let myself feel guilty if I cant! I am also going to be including some vlogging. My daughter wants to give reviews about the children's books she is reading so I will be posting videos on youtube and here. They will very likely be short and to the point as at 7 she is not highly critical of anything. I will also be working on my backlogs of reviews to try and get them up.

The page may be getting new updates as well, my inspiration seems to be fleeting lately.

Lastly, I am hoping to be getting some reviews out of my sister, the other blogger on this site. She does not have internet so its difficult for her to do but I am hoping we will find a system cause she is dying to get her reviews out here.

So there it is, If you have any questions or thoughts let me know :)

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