Monday, May 5, 2014

Introducing: Doodle

Hi! Hey! Howdy!

Doodlebug is the nickname that stumbled out of my mouth when my daughter was a few weeks old. Though it is her nickname I will be using it for the sake of the blog. We will deem her Little Bug and her brother Rhyno. My husband, Ace, and I have been together since I was a freshmen in High School.

My cohort in this adventure is my little sister. She will make an appearance soon and probably dramatically. She has always had more flair and creativity then her dear older sister. It is hard to know what to expect from her except that she will be down to ride if ever I need her.

My focus here will be books. They are the thing I want to talk about most! I am nerdy and talkative. Easily excitable and a bit sarcastic. I just want to put a smile on anyone's face, including my own!! I have a fondness for exclamation points and emoticons.

<3 Doodle!

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