Monday, May 5, 2014

Introducing Word Grenades

You know what a Word Grenade is right? No? Well allow us to explain... A Word Grenade is that one thing that is said that changes everything. Sometimes they are good things, sometimes they are really bad. Either way they blow up your world and change who you are forever.

This blog is not going to be the blog that we have done in the past. We are tired of uniform and professionalism. We want to be able to throw some words down, post it and not concern ourselves with how it looks or sounds. We know this means that we may not grow like other blogs or gain the reader fanbase that most strive for, but this is just fine. 

Currently this blog consists of two authors, who will introduce themselves to the world shortly. For the fun of it they are sticking to nicknames and will nickname any other sources they deem necessary to write about. Anonymity is not the point, you may even find links to other places where they use their government names but here they will use their alias. 

We invite you to join us as we write about books, movies, our lives and who knows what else. We love comments and criticisms in response to our musings we only ask that you keep it respectful. Foul language and name calling are not necessary to convey a thought and will be deleted in a timely manner. 

If you are reading this anywhere close to the time its posted you will see many changes in the coming months as we see this blog take shape. So be prepared for construction!! 

Thank you! 

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